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The Sambuco at Morrovalle (Macerata province) The origins of the village of Morrovalle predate the Middle Ages, when it was called Murri de Valle (Fort on the Valley).

The village is still surrounded by medieval walls and the nerve centre is Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, with its many historical monuments.

This is where we find the lovely medieval Town Hall with the recently restored Lazzarini Theatre, inside.

Don’t forget to see Palazzo Lazzarini with its fine stone portal on the main facade, decorated with medieval inscriptions and coats of arms (the Lazzarini crest is a large dolphin taking a smaller dolphin into its mouth).

Also worthy of note is the Palazzo Vicoli Nada, an old monastery of Augustian Fathers: this was the home of the crepuscular writer Lalla Nada, friend of Gabriele D’Annunzio, and it also houses the International Nativity Scene Museum.

In the surrounding area it is worth noting the Miracolo d’Acquasanta: a small oratory dedicated first to the Madonna of the Snow and then to the Madonna of Acquasanta. The story goes that three lepers passed there one night and prayed to the Madonna.

The Lord’s mother told them to wash at a nearby water fountain and they were suddenly healed. Following the episode it was decided to embellish and enlarge the small church, that for many years was literally stormed by floods of pilgrims.


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But the town is also famed for a renowned Eucharistic Miracle that was of great significance for the townspeople.

From the ruins of the Zoccolanti Franciscan monastery, completely destroyed by fire between 16 and 17 April 1560, only a consecrated host remained inexplicably intact.

For this reason, since 1960, Morrovalle has been called Civitas Eucaristica, the Eucharistic Town.