For lovers of good food, you are spoilt for choice. This is because in the area around Macerata, as throughout the Marche region, dishes are made with simple and genuine ingredients which are masterfully transformed into unique tastes. You cannot fail to come accross “vincisgrassi”, the characteristic oven-baked dish made with hand-rolled pasta and cut into wide strips, flavoured with meat ragout and besciamel sauce, or a tasty “brodetto” made with coastal fish or a lovely bowl of cappelletti in chicken broth.

And will find mushrooms, truffles, castrato, pork, lamb and wild boar are made even tastier with spelt and lentils along with local Mignola oil. Savour the natural flavour of “crescia”, a type of flat bread that in the area around Macerata is similar to the Tuscan schiacciata and is served with oil, salt, onion and rosemary.


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Among the various cheeses on offer there is “Visso Pecorino” which should be tasted as a table cheese or for grating, if matured for one year.

The classic Marche “Ciaùscolo” sausage, made of lean and fat pork with spices, is excellent spread on fresh or toasted bread. And to finish the meal on a sweet note, try “serpe di Apiro”, a snake-shaped marzipan sweet, or, “cavallucci” biscuits stuffed with seasonal fruit and covered in icing sugar.

All washed down with a glass of Anisetta or Mistrà. Where can you find these delicacies? In the best local restaurants. We at the Sambuco will be happy to give you some “tasty” advice about where to go.